The Market Has Shifted

Every market presents opportunities and challenges. All real estate markets are local. If you are planning to sell or buy this year you need detailed market information to plan your strategy. The current inventory of homes on the market as well as the number of qualified buyers for these homes are key factors in determining pricing and best times to buy or sell. If you are selling you need to know how best to position your home. Pricing will determine not only how long a house is on the market, how much the house sells for as well as whether it sells at all. Houses are selling and buyers also need to have a plan of how to secure the home that they want.

If you are thinking about selling your home, you need an agent like Beth Carlson Ganem who
understands how to position your home to sell. It requires market knowledge, target marketing
and a winning strategy. Call Beth for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to implement a proven
marketing plan for a successful sale in 2011.

If you plan to buy a home this year Beth can help put you in the best position to find a home, get your financing and assist you with structuring an offer and follow through with all the detaisl a home purchase requires. There are many opportunities in today’s market fo buy up in the market If your purhcase involves selling a home first it is very important to put together a plan early in the season.

It’s about what you do!

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Why NOW is the right time to buy!

Interest rate vs money balance

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Why NOW is the right time to buy!

If you are thinking of buying a home, NOW is the time.  There are many reasons but I will tell you about a few great reasons to buy at this time.

Inventory. There is currently a great inventory of homes on the market.  As we pass the peak season many homes have been reduced in price and there are some great values out there.  After the new year properties generally are listed at a higher price in anticipation of the new selling season .

Competition. At this time of year there are fewer buyers looking to buy.  This means there is less competition for the home you may wish to purchase.  In the Spring, there will be a new group of buyers ready, willing and able to buy.  That being said I just reduced the price on one of my listings and we received 4 offers.  The activity suggests that there are buyers out there ready to buy a house that is affordably priced.

Interest Rates. There are some of the lowest interest rates that we have ever experienced for mortgages that are available.   The combination of low rates and lower prices mean you can qualify for much more house now than when rates and prices rise.  If you are on the edge of ratios to qualify for a mortgage a rise in interest rate could mean the difference from being qualified to buy or not being approved.

Negotiating.  At a quiet time of year with fewer showings of homes it often means you can agree with a seller on a better price and terms.  Some sellers may also be willing to move back the closing to a later date in order to sell their current home and move on with their plans.

Choices. At this time of year you may have more flexibility in the options available.  If you don’t want to move into a home until the Spring or Summer you could consider building a new home and getting the design, finishes and  energy efficiency that you desire in a house.  Waiting until Spring may mean that you will have to wait longer for a new home and the home will not be completed in time for you to position your current home for sale at the peak selling season.

Welcome Home!


If you have decided to buy be READY to buy.  This means talking to a mortgage company and getting a pre-approved   In order to have a strong offer you need to have a pre approval letter from a bank. This will tell the Sellers that you are qualified and ready, willing and able to purchase.  If you need a gift for cash down at closing be sure you speak to the mortgage consultant on how to document and the timing of such a gift so that it can be applied to down payment and / or closing costs. Know what types of loans you are qualified.  Some may have better options or work better for you depending on your resources.    Be sure you have discussed the sequence and timing of events that occur with a home purchase.  From the time the offer is made, through acceptance and contingencies you should be well informed about the sequence and time frame.  Expect that a normal closing will take about 6 weeks.  You can move into your new home after your close.  You may need to adjust your time frame on the offer based on when you need to be living in the house.

The smoothest home purchases happen when the buyer is knowledgeable about the process and has an experienced professional who can assist them every step of the way.  Before you start looking you should set up a meeting with an experienced Realtor to discuss your needs and the process.   Home ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences life offers us.

Sold by Beth Carlson Ganem

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